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Read-only Kubernetes Dashboard, Exposed with AWS ELB
Harien 27 Feb 2019 10 minutes

Dashboard is a web-based user interface for Kubernetes. It can be used to monitor clusters as well we create and manage resources on the cluster.

This post explains how to set it up for monitoring without having to login individually. It is exposed via a private endpoint using an Elastic Load Balancer on AWS.

AWS Cognito: More Fun with Custom Domains
Harien 22 Feb 2019 3 minutes

In my last post, I discussed an issue I faced white setting up a custom domain in Amazon Cognito and how I solved it. Here is another one.

It is about re-creating an existing User Pool that has a custom domain name mapped. The same situation applies when deleting a custom domain of a User Pool and re-assigning it.

AWS Cognito: Setup a Custom Domain
Harien 20 Feb 2019 4 minutes

At Horizon State, we wanted to utilise Amazon Cognito for a while. But not having native support for passwordless authentication held us back for a while. Recently, we had some time to dig deep into it.

Overall it was a good experience, but this post is about one head-scratcher I faced while setting up custom domains.