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profile picture of harien de mel harien de mel is a sun certified programmer

I am Harien de Mel. I live in Wellington, the most liveable city in the world, with my lovely wife. I was born and raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the top country to travel in 2019.

As a kid, I only dreamed of plying sports for rest of the life, even through professional sport did not exist back then in Sri Lanka. At school, I spent more time outside the classroom than inside.

Almost towards the end of schooling, just before it’s too late, under huge influence of my mother, I decided to take up education seriously. I had five months to fully focus on gaining enough credits at GCE A/L to meet the entry criteria for higher education.

I was accepted as a student by Informatics Institute of Technology and got graduated with a B.Sc in Information Systems, awarded by Manchester Metropolitan University. I immediately got addicted to programming but did not care much about non-technical subjects.

In late 90’s, I cut my teeth coding in Modular-2 and then C. It was not by chose, but what I had to learn at the University.

I taught myself Object-oriented Programming reading Teach Yourself C++. It was the first programming book I read cover to cover. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

An year of industrial placement was part of the degree program. I was certain that my academic results would not be good enough to get me into the company I wanted (the one that paid most for interns, by far). So I decided to master Java, one of the two languages they used, and something very few batchmates, if anybody, knew well.

Java skills got me the job but I also had to write a CGI in C++ to facilitate communication between desktop client applications and a Java backend, just because the architect thought Servlets would not cut it.

My professional development experience, since 2003, has been predominantly on the Java EE platform.

Of late, I have been doing a lot of DevOps and very comfortable with Docker and Kubernetes.

Currently, I spend more time with cloud infrastructure than coding, especially on AWS. I’m planning to become an AWS Certified Solution Architect, hopefully soon, which is long overdue.

I’m grateful that I get paid to do what I love doing!